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Social Media

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Assorted Webpages

16 Films about Violence against Women

An original BTB Investigation: What Are Little Boys Made Of

Anti-Corruption Plain Language Guide

APA’s psychology topics page on Hate Crimes

Armenian Genocide: resource library for teachers

Armenian Genocide: educational resources for students

Bullying Research Network’s resource links for parents, students, and teachers

Bully Suicide Project forum discussions

Case Studies from the Helen Bamber Foundation of human trafficking

Child trafficking cases

Conflict areas around the world from EnoughProject

Curriculum on Cyberbullying from Common Sense Media

Cyberbullying research center publications bibliography

Darfurian Refugee Program from Elie Wiesel Foundation

Decision-Making in Times of Injustice from Facing History

Detention of Asylum Seekers from Rene Cassin

Educational Equality Project to eliminate the racial and ethnic achievement gap in public education

“Emerging Issues facing Tweens and Teens” (PDF) from Futures Without Violence

Facts on Domestic, Dating, and Sexual Violence from Futures Without Violence

Factsheets to help prevent school violence

Forming an Upstander Alliance to prevent bullying from School Climate

Further reading about Darfur from

Further research and resources on ending hate crimes

Further resources for youth in crisis

Get Help from Make It Better Project

Genocides, Politicides, and Other Mass Murder Since 1945

Ghosts of Rwanda: from PBS Frontline

Global Corruption Barometer for 2010 from

Human Rights Campaign on the Hate Crime Issue

Human Rights Watch podcasts

Holocaust Museum Houston permanent exhibitions

Holocaust Timeline of Genocide at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center

Ideas in Action from Strategic Practice

Impact of disaster on domestic violence from National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Interfaith Cooperation Circles around the world

Inter Pares on Ending violence against women globally

Harry Potter Alliance Local Chapters

Lambda Legal’s Fair Courts Project

Learning Library, STAND’s Educator resources for genocide issues

Mitchell Museum of the American Indian’s Teacher Resources

Modern Day Slavery a global crisis

Museum of Tolerance’s Teacher Resources

National Center for Lesbian Rights civil and human rights action alerts

National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s publications

On the ground: Women in Crisis, Children in Conflict

Past and Present Genocides from Genocide Intervention

Personal stories from LIKEME

PREVnet’s Anti-Bullying resources for Everyone

PREVnet’s Facts about bullying and summaries of research

Recognizing the warning signs of being bullied from Stop Bullying

Right Wing Watch on Bullying and those opposing anti-bullying education

Sentinel Project’s Genocide Prevention Early Warning System

Simon Wiesenthal Center library and archives

Simon Wiesenthal Center on Youtube

South African Holocaust and Genocide Foundation’s Educational Links

Special Reports from the Center Against Religious Extremism

Talking and thinking about race projects from Kirwan Institute

Teaching Tolerance’s classroom activities by grade level

Turn It Down’s Lexicon of Hate

United to End Genocide’s Take Action page

US Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia

VetoViolence, the CDC’s ‘Violence Education Tools Online’ Facebook Campaign

Victims of Hate Speech from Child Trends DataBank

Violence against women; facts and figures

Violence Policy Center’s publication index

Virtual Human Interaction Lab: Spending time in avatars changes attitudes and behavior in the physical world Youtube Campaign

What causes good people to become evil?

What is Bullying?

What is Cyberbullying?

What is Genocide?

What is Hate?

What is Hazing?

What is Implicit Bias?

What are Mass Atrocities?

What is Modern Slavery?

What is ostracism?

Who is at risk?

What is structural racism?

WomensLaw: “Salon Professionals as Sentinels of Domestic Abuse” Project

World Genocide Situation Room from GenocidePreventionNow

Yad Vashem’s Holocaust Resource Center


Note: Our complete bibliography is broken into books, articles, and online resources.

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